Store cashmere safely

It's getting warmer again and the beloved scarves and sweaters that have protected us from the cold throughout the winter are being worn less and less - it's time to store them properly, i.e. protected from moths.

The problem with moths is that they love our cashmere and lay their eggs on our sweaters and scarves. The larvae then hatch from these eggs and happily eat their way through our expensive cashmere.

Getting rid of these eggs is almost impossible. Freezing the cashmere for days is of very little use, the eggs survive the cold without any problems and the only thing that would help, namely washing them at more than 50 degrees, is not an option.

So how do we best protect our sweaters, blankets and scarves?

Our recommendation;

  1. Washing - see our washing instructions
  2. Store in well-sealed boxes, we use the SAMLA box from Ikea - it is inexpensive, comes in all sizes for every cupboard and can be closed well
  3. Put moth repellent in the box - we use Aeroxon - works great and can be used with or without scent.