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*Good Bye* manoli-cashmere

Mit dem Ende des Winters endet 2024 auch das Abenteuer von manoli-cashmere. Das Grund-Projekt der Nachhaltigkeit und das stete Streben nach der besten Qualität wird weiter bestehen - nur die Form, die ändert sich. Gerne werden wir dich auf dem Laufenden halten.




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20 years of Switzerland, Nepal and India

Manoli Cashmere is not just a brand, but a passionate sustainability project. Our commitment extends beyond borders to the pastoralists we support in Nepal and India. We promote the sustainable improvement of your herds, which not only increases the quality of our cashmere wool, but also has a positive impact on the environment. Our mission is to provide high quality and luxurious products based on a foundation of social responsibility and environmental protection. At Manoli Cashmere, quality comes first and our passion for sustainable luxury is reflected in each of our products.

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Country/Region delivery time Delivery costs (CHF) * Free Shipping *
Switzerland 2 days 5.90 from CHF 200
Europe 5 days 12.90 from CHF 300
rest of the world 5 - 15 days 14.90 from CHF 400

* Possible taxes in the importing country are not included in the price


Online shopping is often difficult, especially with products like a cashmere scarf. You would like to "feel" what you are buying and the color is always a little different on the screen than in reality.

That's why all scarves from manoli can be exchanged.

We also view a scarf as an intimate item that is not easy to wash, especially because it is made of cashmere. We therefore attach particular importance to ensuring that the scarves are unworn. Of course you can unpack it and put it around your neck - but not leave the house with it ;)

We will only take back a returned scarf after it has been checked.

You will receive a credit for the scarf that you can use on your next purchase.

You have to cover the costs for the return transport.

The shipping costs for the new scarf (if your order cost less than CHF 300) will be deducted from your credit.

For all further details about the return and exchange conditions, take a look at our general terms and conditions or simply contact us, we will be happy to help you.

For us, we always want to find a solution that is right for both people. :)

Swiss law generally applies.

Cashmere washing

All scarves can be washed.

Basically, “less is more”.

Wool is naturally antibacterial and has self-cleaning properties.

It is often enough to hang the scarf out in the fresh air overnight.

If you still need/want to wash the scarf, please note that any dry cleaner will be happy to do this for you.

If you would like to wash the scarf yourself, here is our tip on how best to do it - please note that we cannot guarantee success and generally advise against it.

Tip 1:

Textile cleaning is better than washing yourself

Tip 2:

Machine washing is better than hand washing!

Machine Washing Instructions:

1. Machine wash before hand washing - we strongly recommend not hand washing the scarf

2. Select the wool program on your washing machine

3. If possible, change the temperature to “cold”, or max 20 degrees Celsius

4. Reduce the spin to a maximum of 400 revolutions per minute

5. Choose a wool detergent you like - never use fabric softener!

6. After washing, lay the scarf flat on a terry towel to dry

7. When the scarf is dry, you should iron it hot and with steam!

Don't worry, the scarf will not be damaged when ironed; on the contrary, it will only become soft and fluffy again after ironing.

8. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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We are always happy to be there for you!

You can reach us by email

On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you will be the first to find out when we have something new on offer or start a live video.

Post Office:

manoli cashmere; c/o ZHF; Gempenweg 2; CH-4153 Reinach

( Do not use postal address for returns! First email to